Wind, Waves, and Fire.......

Counties on the Forefront

Supporting Resilient Communities in Hawaii

As the most isolated island chain on earth, the Hawaii Islands are subject to a broad suite of natural disaster threats such as wildland fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, lava flows, and earthquakes to name a few. Climate change is exacerbating the effects of several of these disasters. County governments play a critical role in response to these disasters where little external assistance can be garnered in a short time frame. In addition, county governments bear a great deal of responsibility navigating the course towards preparation and recovery. The 2016 Hawaii State Association of Counties annual conference will focus on how our counties are on the front line in natural disaster preparation, response, and recovery. A broad range of experts will speak on the topics of Wind, Waves, and Fire drawing off experience from several events on Hawaii Island.


Join us for the general meeting on June 22nd, a full day of exciting speakers and panelists that will address timely and relevant topics on June 23rd, and an optional field trip and golf tournament on June 24th. Opportunities to meet and network with guest speakers, government leaders from across the state, and other participants will be provided throughout the conference.