Penomet Pump Review, Dr. Approval and Results [2019]

After several months of using the Penomet hydro-pump diligently, I achieved incredible results. The size of my penis changed for the better regarding both length and girth.

In total, my parameters have grown by about 15%. And it’s only been two months since I started using the penis pump.

It’s exciting to think of what results I can achieve after six months of regular pumping. You’ll learn about them at the end of this review.

Wonder What Results You Can Achieve with Penomet pump?

Any man who’s gotten ahold of a Penomet hydraulic pump can achieve the best imaginable results.

Clinical facts
According to the manufacturer, systematic pumping can magnify the size of the male reproductive organ by up to 30%.

Moreover, my own experience proves this much to be true.

Before I bought a Penomet penis enlargement pump, I asked a good friend of mine about the potential results of using the device.

He told me his course of treatment lasted about seven months and resulted in considerable gains regarding penis size: 5 cm in length and 2 cm in girth.

This suggests every user of the hydro-pump can attain a similar positive effect. Click here to buy your own Penomet pump for $127.

How Come I Decided To Start Using The Penomet Pump?

Earlier, I had to deal with a lot of discomfort and insecurities regarding the small size of my genital organ. Alongside this, I began to experience issues in everyday life.

I was afraid to approach women and majorly lacked confidence. But the saddest thing of all is that all these issues were negatively affecting my intimate life.


My erections were weak and didn’t last as long as I’d like; I was facing some issues related to diminished potency, premature ejaculation and scarce amounts of seminal fluid. All these factors encouraged me to seek an effective way to enlarge my penis and solve my problems.

Having visited a myriad of forums and men’s blogs, I found a huge amount of information indicating that there are special exercises to help men get rid of erectile dysfunction and enlarge the penis.

The news made me happy; without any further delay, I began to put these methods into practice.

First of all, I want to say  all these exercises are ineffective and even somewhat dangerous . If you do not fully understand the technique, you can cause irreparable damage to your intimate health.

Secondly, these techniques bring no results unless practices for a long period.

That’s why I decided to give up this dubious method and find a safer and more effective way to solve my problem.

Another good friend of mine helped me, telling me about his recent acquisition: the Penomet hydro-pump, which is available for purchase on

Using a pump is a safe and effective method to address the issues of small penis size and erectile dysfunction once and for a long time.

My Tips On How To Choose A Hydro-Pump(review)

However, it was not only my friend’s words that encouraged me to buy a Penomet penis pump.

After I first learned about this miraculous device, I came up with the unique idea to find as much information as possible about its principle of operation and effectiveness.

The worldwide web came to my aid, giving me the opportunity to look through a myriad of reviews.

The best explanation of the operation, effectiveness, and safety of the Penomet pump was provided on the manufacturer’s official website.

It demonstrates not only a review of the Penomet device but also all the necessary certificates, licenses and other documents confirming the product’s safety and effectiveness. Here are those proofs.

Then I went even further and started looking for the necessary information on thematic forums and blogs. Found a bunch of positive reviews and user comments.

Moreover, it was thanks to those reviews that I managed to understand how the pump works in practice.

Selecting A Suitable Model

The Penomet penis pump is highly versatile. The user doesn’t need to select a certain model that corresponds to his current penis parameters. The pump is made from high-quality plastic that is quite flexible and elastic; therefore, it suits men with different sizes of the penis.

However, the manufacturer’s official website informed me there is not only the standard Penomet package with one gaiter but also the extended package with several gaiters(which is not available on the official site now).

Before talking about the distinctive features of the gaiters, I’d like to mention the design features of the pump.

Structurally, the Penomet pump consists of two separate elements:
The working chamber and the pumping element (gaiter).


There is a water release valve at the end of the working cylinder. When you’re using the penis enhancement pump, a part of the liquid that is inside the chamber runs out through the upper valve.

Now, I’m going to tell you about the features of the working gaiters. Firstly, each of the removable gaiters applies different pressure to the penis.

Secondly, depending on the gaiter selected, the Penomet pump can be used both with and without water.

And when I was weighing the decision to purchase this miraculous device, I decided to go big and acquire a pump with a full set of gaiters.

Not once did I regret my choice. After all, now I can always choose the most convenient variant of using my Penomet.

With every new month of pumping, I increase the pressure by replacing the working gaiter, which ensures a more powerful stimulation of blood flow in the penis.

The Long-Awaited Moment Of Delivery

After placing my order on the website, I had to wait for about two weeks until the parcel arrived at the post office. Finally, the long-awaited box with the pump was in my hands.

When I opened the sealed shipping box, I saw the device had a lot of protective packaging, beneath which was the original box with the Penomet hydro-pump.

I was pleased the device had been delivered in perfect condition without any mechanical damages. The delivery set was complete with all the parts of the pump.

Special attention should be given to the quality of the device. It’s made from durable plastic and wear-resistant rubber, which is not deformed or damaged even after prolonged use (I stand bail for this statement).

The Start Of Use

Now, it came to the even longer-awaited moment: I decided to try out the Penomet pump for the first time. I did everything according to the instructions that came with the hydro-pump.

I’d like to emphasize that you should not have any uncomfortable or painful sensations if you’re using the device correctly.


Worth mentioning, I found more detailed instructions on the use of the Penomet hydro-pump on the manufacturer’s official website.

You can acquaint yourself with the manual here There’s also a scheme specifying the timeline of switching between different gaiters.

For a clearer understanding, I offer my view of this spelled-out scheme. The below cycle is intended to cover 2.5 months.

The overall course of treatment lasts from 5 to 8 months. Accordingly, you will need to repeat this cycle 2-3 times:

  • During the first week, use the purple gaiter;
  • During the second week, introduce the blue gaiter with the number 60;
  • The third week is the time for the purple gaiter;
  • During the fourth week, do the pumping using the blue gaiter with the number 65;
  • During the fifth and sixth week, use the black gaiter;
  • When the seventh week comes around, grab the gray gaiter with the number 75;
  • During the eighth week, go back to the black gaiter;
  • The ninth week is the week of the gray gaiter (75);
  • During the tenth week, combine the red and gray gaiters.

If you follow this scheme correctly and accurately, you will obtain a positive result in the shortest possible period.

The positive effect I achieved is the result of regular and painstaking work that has delivered certain benefits.


Quick note
The most interesting thing is that you have to use the Penomet hydro-pump for as little as 15-20 minutes per day.

Now I realize there simply isn’t a more effective method of enlarging the penis and restoring the sexual functioning of the male body.

The effect of pumping with the Penomet lasts for 6-12 months. After that, I will start the second course of treatment, which will allow me to maintain a fulfilling sex life and a high level of confidence.

My brief review and Secret Tips To Boost The Effectiveness Of Penomet

First of all, I’d like to point out that in the middle of the course, having used the Penomet for about three months, I doubled the number of my pumping sessions and started to perform the procedure twice a day.

Did you know?
Another way to boost the effectiveness of the pump is to take natural nutritional supplements like VigRx Plus.

Nowadays, there are myriads of such remedies. When choosing the tablets, the most important thing is to pay attention to the brand’s reputation and the product’s safety and effectiveness.

As a rule, manufacturers confirm all this by displaying the relevant quality certificates, licenses, and patents on their website.

Advantages Of Using The Penomet Hydro-Pump

 PenometBathmate HydromaxAndro vacuum
First/Max gains (days)5/18030/36560/180
Expected resultsPenis increases both in length and girth, higher sexual desire, improved endurance in bed, no erectile dysfunction, corrected penile curvatureBigger penis, enhanced libido, you can last longer in bed, eliminated signs of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, less penile curvatureCured impotence, harder and bigger erections that last longer, improved performance in bed, extra inches to penile length, reduced Peyronie's disease
Price$127 - Standard Package
$197 - Extra Package
$297 - Premium Package
From $110 € 149 - Androvacuum Manual
€ 199 - Androvacuum Premium
Success rate93%95%95%
Money-back guarantee60 days60 days60 days
ManufacturerArctic Sea LimitedDX Products LtdAndromedical S.L.
Years on the market191218
Number of customers500,000More than 1 million250,000
Official siteOrder nowOrder nowOrder now

I’d like to outline some advantages that I got to enjoy after purchasing and using my Penomet hydro-pump:

  • The effect is 100% sure and becomes noticeable after two months;
  • The pumping is safe and painless;
  • The short duration of daily exercising;
  • Ease of use;
  • A comprehensive impact on the male intimate issues. In addition to magnifying the parameters of the reproductive organ, the device fully restores the sexual functioning of the man’s body. The user’s erections become stronger and last longer, his orgasms intense and unforgettable. Regular pumping also boosts the amount of semen produced and enhances the man’s libido.
  • An affordable price, which is achieved through direct cooperation with the manufacturer. I’d like to emphasize you can save a fair chunk of money by purchasing the product on the manufacturer’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve managed to gather a list of the most common questions, for which I found the answers before acquiring a Penomet hydro-pump.

How long do I wait for a positive result?
The timeline of the first positive changes depends on the physiological characteristics of your body. A full course of treatment with the Penomet hydro-pump lasts 5-7 months.
Can the use of a Penomet pump cause any side effects?
If you’ve read the detailed instructions and follow all the recommendations, there should be no adverse side effects
How safe is it to use the penis pump?
The safety and effectiveness of the Penomet hydro-pump have been repeatedly tested in clinical and laboratory conditions. This is a highly safe device that has helped millions of men around the world to overcome the common intimate problem.
Should I buy a Penomet hydro-pump?
From my own experience, I can say that purchasing the Penomet hydro-pump is the right decision for any man who wants to change his intimate life for the better.
So, if you are tired of constant bedroom frustrations, make sure to strengthen your intimate health by using the universal Penomet device. The main purpose of this effective and safe product is to stimulate the growth of the penis by stirring up blood circulation, which leads to stretching of the cavernous tissues of the penis. The pump is made from non-toxic medical plastic and rubber that cannot cause allergic reactions and skin irritation.

The Penomet pump will be delivered to your location in any region of the world as promptly as possible. Thanks to the practical, high-quality packaging, you won’t have to worry about the device during its transportation.

Order the pump on the manufacturer’s official website to get great discounts and save a fair portion of your budget.


Penomet Pump Review, Dr. Approval and Results [2019]
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