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Aloha Space Exploration Professionals!

As space-faring nations continue to deliberate plausible scenarios for future exploration, there is increasing demand to extend humankind’s presence beyond low-Earth orbit in ways that are broadly beneficial, affordable, technologically attainable, and ultimately sustainable. The State of Hawaii is working to support such scenarios by pioneering resource utilization technologies and capabilities through unique space analog test facilities at the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES).

Since the days of Apollo, the Big Island of Hawaii’s planetary-like terrain has hosted interplanetary mission preparation activities involving space professionals from around the world. Continuing this tradition, PISCES is dedicated to both facilitating and promoting multinational collaboration to help achieve humankind’s ever-expanding goals on the frontiers of space.

We cordially invite you to join the PISCES team and leading international representatives from government, industry and academia at the 2012 PISCES Conference this November. As presented in the attached program, this year’s conference will present breakout sessions for participants to discuss revolutionary surface system technologies and capabilities, as well as to establish public-private and other strategic partnerships, that can both enable and expedite robotic and human missions to the Moon, asteroids, Mars, and other planetary bodies.

The program will also highlight recent developments in the PISCES vision to establish a terrestrial prototype for an international, multi-phased, extraterrestrial research park. Initially comprised of terrestrial components on the “Big Island” of Hawaii, then evolving to space-based locales such as the Moon, Mars and beyond, the prototype would offer unparalleled opportunities for space research, technology development, space commerce, and public education/participation. In so doing, it will align common space-faring goals with complementary resources and capabilities to help reduce the cost, enhance the benefits, and accelerate the timetables of future space missions.

To be held at the Waikoloa Marriott on Hawaii’s South Kohala Coast (November 11-15), the 2012 PISCES Conference will provide unique opportunities to network with international teams of scientists, government leaders and entrepreneurs at the forefront of planetary research.

We hope you’ll be able to join us!

A hui hou,

The Honorable Will Espero
Hawaii State Senate

The Honorable Angus McKelvey
Hawaii State House of Representatives

Jim Crisafulli, Director
Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development