Top Tips For Acne Skin

Let’s talk about acne today. In this article, I will answer your questions on this favorite topic.

“Where could I begin in my search to just destroy all my acne, to control my oils, what can I do? Eating healthy, what?”

When you’re starting to have a little bit of the red or inflamed acne, you want to have something that kills bacteria. So, a salicylic acid acne scrub won’t help, it doesn’t kill bacteria very well. You ought to try something with benzoyl peroxide or something prescription. Those two types of skin care can help with just sort of the mild red acne that comes up.

“What do you think about the blue light, people using blue light to kill bacteria. Do you think that’s effective?”

Yeah, I mean blue light works when it’s powerful. And of course, the blue light apps on the phone are not powerful; they don’t do anything. I’ve seen people, someone in the airport, putting a blue light against their face from their phone, and it is a blue light. Don’t be scammed, guys. Don’t do that. But there’s certainly blue lights that work well, mostly through a doctor’s office.

Are facial brushes beneficial or are they bad for the skin?”

Keep it clean, especially if you’re using a makeup brush that involves any liquid products like liquid foundation, cream-based products that have more water base in it. Bacteria, they’re drawn to water, anything water-based, so just make sure to clean that and rinse it out.

What I saw when I first started practicing was that so many people were getting breakouts whether it was more severe or whether it was mild, and they had a feeling that the over-the-counter products they were using just weren’t working well for them. But they just didn’t want to go and to see a dermatologist. Whether it was, they didn’t want to skip school or skip work, or whether there’s also just a certain level of anxiety to go to a doctor. But I knew that a lot of these people would be helped if they could.

We created a website, so now people can see a dermatologist or nurse practitioner and get skincare that’s a prescription for them. The cool thing about building this electronically is that we’ve been able to make it affordable for patients. You take a selfie and you are paired with your nurse practitioner or a dermatologist, and then you get the medication customized for you and shipped right to your door.

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