Ritsumeikan Academy

“Thank you very much for your kind hospitality. We have had a fruitful time in Big Island. PAES was successful. The summit was very great! I understood what you all pursued. I have studied very much in PAES. I expect next Summit. Also, I want to make JSSF better. I’m looking forward our stronger relationship. Thank you very very much for everything. Regards,

Director, Ritsumeikan Academy (formerly Principal, Ritsumeikan High School)
Director, Japan Super Science Fair (since inception)
The Ritsumeikan Trust
Division of Integrated Primary
and Secondary Education

samples as expressed by students….
“I’m ready to:

*strive to reach high in my future goals.
*break barriers and do what I love.
*to do the impossible.
*to find alien life.
*to chase my dream.
*work for TMT on Mauna Kea.”