Life Extension becomes Co-Marketing Partner for Resveratrol2014 Conference

Life EXtension Foundation for Longer Life LogoLife Extension has agreed to be the Co-Marketing Partner for Resveratrol2014 Conference taking place in Hawai‘i from November 30th to December 3rd 2014. As the co-marketing partner, Life Extension will promote the conference to their database of nearly 300,000 contacts.

The third International conference of Resveratrol and Health, Resveratrol2014, is hosted by the University of Hilo, Hawai‘i. This is a scientific conference and the main gathering of the year for the global resveratrol community. The interest for the substance resveratrol has been growing steadily in the past years and now the focus is also expanding to the resveratrol derivatives. The number of human trials with resveratrol has also been is increasing during the past years.

According to Rey Searles, Vice President of Marketing at Life Extension,

Consumer awareness and knowledge of the variety of health benefits of resveratrol is the basis for the future success of marketing resveratrol products. That’s why Life Extension is participating in the scientific conference Resveratrol 2014. With almost half of the participants of Resveratrol 2014 coming from the supplement industry, we want to ensure we have solid and science-based communications to our customers on the benefits of resveratrol and its derivatives. Working together with Resveratrol 2014 helps us achieve that.

For the detailed program please visit For more information, please contact Rey Searles - Vice President of Marketing at Life Extension +1 954-766-8433 ([email protected]) and Sami Sassi from the organizing committee for the Resveratrol2014 Conference +45 29 64 69 50[email protected].

Knowledge is the fundament for the future of resveratrol;

Resveratrol2014 is a scientific conference with almost half of the participants coming from the industry.

Shaklee Corporation, Hosoda Nutritional and Jarrow Formulas have already signed up as sponsors for the 3rd International conference of resveratrol and health that will take place in Hawaii from November 30th to December 3rd 2014. The conference is the main gathering of the year for the global resveratrol community. Mr Sami Sassi is responsible for the sponsor-relations for the Resveratrol2014-conference and is looking forward to attending the conference which is being held in United States for the first time: “The United States is the main market commercially for resveratrol, but academically, resveratrol is really global. In addition to the USA, we are seeing significant activity in Asia especially in countries like China, Japan and South Korea. The conference is a great way for the industry and academia to meet and to interact and get updated on the latest trends and developments in resveratrol. There is need for more science-based knowledge for the health promoting effects of resveratrol and the conference will set the scope for the coming years for resveratrol-research.”

Resveratrol2014 conference is a non-profit project and sponsors are needed to make it happen. Sponsors will have access to the global resveratrol players both at the conference and through access to the mailing list. More than 150 participants are expected to come to Hawaii for Resveratrol2014 and more than 2000 people are receiving the newsletters. The quality of the contacts is very high and the outreach is global.

“There is a high level of interest globally for the Resveratrol-conference. We are looking forward to working with our current partners who have supported the conferences in the past 6 years. We also welcome new supporters for the conference” concludes Mr Sassi.

For more information please visit and, for sponsor-opportunities please contact Mr Sami Sassi [email protected] Tel: +45 29646950

Hosoda Nutritional sponsors Resveratrol 2014

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Hosoda Nutritional | Engredea News & Analysis
Jan. 17, 2014

Hosoda Nutritional has agreed to become one of the first sponsors for the third International conference of resveratrol and health taking place in Hawaii from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, 2014.

Resveratrol 2014-Conference will once again collect the leading names globally in the area of resveratrol to discuss the trends and developments with resveratrol research and product development opportunities and set the scope for the coming years for resveratrol. For Hosoda Nutritional, it is the emerging focus on the resveratrol derivates that makes the conference especially interesting.

Shinya Hosoda, CEO of Hosoda Nutritional: “We belive in science and we want to support cooperation between the industry and academia. Hosoda Nutritional has worked with Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol for more than 10 years and our strong sales in Japan demonstrate the benefits of selling scientifically proven high-quality natural product that is safe. Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol is the only safe natural extract with centuries of human consumption. We are looking forward to meet once more the international resveratrol community, now in Hawaii.”

Hosoda Nutritional is committed to supply the global supplement market with clinically documented, safe and natural ingredients. Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol has been studied for more than 10 years mainly by Japanese universities confirming the efficacy of Melinjo Dimer Resverarol is at minimum 2.6 times higher than standard trans-resveratrol. There are a comprehensive number of clinical studies supporting the health benefits of Melinjo Dimers including longer life expectancy with increased stamina, lowering blood sugar level and reducing visceral fat.

Hosoda Nutritional is a part of the Hosoda SHC, a Japanese family company established in 1952. Located in Fukui prefecture, the company operates in four different business areas with the focus on food industries, medical supplies and natural functional ingredients. Hosoda Nutritional has a long history working in Indonesia focusing on natural ingredients from Java.