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Auxin was one of the first plant hormones to be discovered almost 75 years ago. This hormone has been implicated in virtually every aspect of plant growth and development from embryogenesis, through all stages of vegetative development, to formation of reproductive structures and growth of the gametophyte. The regulation of auxin signaling and transport are central to a fundamental understanding of plant growth and development. After many years of slow progress, the last 15 years have seen remarkable advances in our understanding of auxin biology. Recent research highlights include the identification of auxin receptors, modeling of auxin-dependent regulation of root and shoot meristem function, the identification of protein kinases and endocytic pathways that regulate auxin transport, and characterization of novel auxin biosynthetic pathways.

In recognition of these exciting advances, international meetings focusing on auxin research have been held in 2000, 2004 and 2008 in Corsica, Crete and Marrakech respectively. Because the pace of discovery in auxin biology continues to accelerate, we propose to follow up on these very successful meetings with “Auxin 2012.” This meeting will be held on the Big Island of Hawai‘i December 9th - December 14th.

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