Audio Visual Considerations

The following a/v components are presented as a planning tool. Once you have firmed up the framework of your program, you can begin to consider what audio visual equipment will facilitate your presenters, panelists, and participants, and lead to a successful event.

Welcome Reception

  • Uplighting if it is a dark location (poolside or outdoors)
  • PA System and microphones if live entertainment will be present (some instruments will require their own soundboard hookup and/or microphone)
  • MP3 player to PA system if streaming digital music

Opening Plenary, Panel

  • Presentation laptop (PC and/or MAC)
  • PA System
  • Microphones: lavalier mic, wireless hand-held mic, podium mic, etc. (speakers will sometimes prefer a handheld or wireless lavalier mic over other types)
  • LCD projection package (often includes screen, cart, wiring, taping, etc.)
  • Panel (a 6-foot table can accommodate 2-3 panelists)
  • Video monitors & DVD players or laptop connections (sometimes, organizers will want to stream video & audio to the plenary or at a specific location at the meeting venue
  • Wireless mouse/laser pointer
  • Lei (very important – remember this cultural protocol in Hawai‘i!)
  • In Hawai‘i, a gathering will traditionally open with an oli (chant) or pule (prayer/blessing); be sure to ask us about this and determine the a/v support (if any) that will be needed for this culturally appropriate component of your program

Presentation Review

  • We offer a presentation review process which includes a technician to review presentations with speakers and ensure smooth, confident, and polished delivery
  • Laptops (consider renting PCs and/or Macs for professional presentation capability)

Poster Reception

  • Posterboards
  • Uplighting
  • WIFI Cafe (can include desktop or laptop stations or just a WIFI/wired signal with comfy couches, etc.)

Exhibits / Vendors

  • Electrical outlets (some exhibitors will need electric hookup for their displays
  • Video monitors (be sure to have good communication with your exhibitors and/or vendors so that you understand all of their needs and they understand what equipment will be provided versus what equipment they must bring or rent on their own

Breakouts/Concurrent Sessions/Workshops

  • Easels, paper, pens
  • PA system
  • Wireless microphones to pass around the room

Closing Plenary

  • Often, the audio visual needs will be much more streamlined for the closing and include a basic PA system and simple podium mic. Let us know your preference.

Board Meetings , Teleconferences & Remote Participants

  • GoTo Meeting, Fuze, Skype, WebEx, Adobe Connect, or other video-conferencing software if conducting remote board meetings
  • Speaker Phone
    Internet Connection (WIFI or wired)

Conference Banquet / Closing Dinner

If your budget can accommodate it, a traditional Hawaiian Lu‘au is an ideal way to conclude your meeting and treat your participants and their guests to an authentic Hawaiian experience with local foods and entertainment.

Let us know what kind of function you would like to conclude with and we will accommodate your presentations or entertainment accordingly.