Poster Session I

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Poster Session 1 and a reception will take place on Tuesday, September 1 at 17:00 in the Kohala Ballroom. This session contains the posters of the following papers:

  1. Shared Execution of Recurring Workloads in MapReduce, by Chuan Lei, Zhongfang Zhuang, Elke Rundensteiner, Mohamed Eltabakh
  2. A Performance Study of Big Data on Small Nodes, by Dumitrel Loghin, Bogdan Tudor, Hao Zhang, Beng Chin Ooi, Yong Meng Teo
  3. Understanding the Causes of Consistency Anomalies in Apache Cassandra, by Hua Fan, Aditya Ramaraju, Marlon McKenzie, Wojciech Golab, Bernard Wong
  4. Compaction management in distributed key-value datastores, by Muhammad Yousuf Ahmad, Bettina Kemme
  5. Fuzzy Joins in MapReduce: An Experimental Study, by Ben Kimmett, Venkatesh Srinivasan, Alex Thomo
  6. Sharing Buffer Pool Memory in Multi-Tenant Relational Database-as-a-Service, by Vivek Narasayya, Ishai Menache, Mohit Singh, Feng Li, Manoj Syamala, Surajit Chaudhuri
  7. Optimal Probabilistic Cache Stampede Prevention, by Andrea Vattani, Flavio Chierichetti, Keegan Lowenstein
  8. Indexing Highly Dynamic Hierarchical Data, by Jan Finis, Robert Brunel, Alfons Kemper, Thomas Neumann, Norman May, Franz Faerber
  9. BF-Tree: Approximate Tree Indexing, by Manos Athanassoulis, Anastasia Ailamaki
  10. SRS: Solving c-Approximate Nearest Neighbor Queries in High Dimensional Euclidean Space with a Tiny Index, by Yifang Sun, Wei Wang, Jianbin Qin, Ying Zhang, Xuemin Lin
  11. Rare Time Series Motif Discovery from Unbounded Streams, by Nurjahan Begum, Eamonn Keogh
  12. Beyond Itemsets: Mining Frequent Featuresets over Structured Items, by Saravanan Thirumuruganathan, Habibur Rahman, Sofiane Abbar, Gautam Das
  13. Mining Revenue-Maximizing Bundling Configuration, by Loc Do, Hady W. Lauw, Ke Wang
  14. ALID: Scalable Dominant Cluster Detection, by Lingyang Chu, Shuhui Wang, Siyuan Liu, Qingming Huang, Jian Pei
  15. Leveraging Graph Dimensions in Online Graph Search, by Yuanyuan Zhu, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Lu Qin
  16. Event Pattern Matching over Graph Streams, by Chunyao Song, Tingjian Ge, Cindy Chen, Jie Wang
  17. An Efficient Similarity Search Framework for SimRank over Large Dynamic Graphs, by Yingxia Shao, Bin Cui, Lei Chen, Mingming Liu, Xing Xie
  18. Growing a Graph Matching from a Handful of Seeds, by Ehsan Kazemi, Seyed Hamed Hassani, Matthias Grossglauser
  19. Association Rules with Graph Patterns, by Wenfei Fan, Xin Wang, Yinghui Wu, Jingbo Xu
  20. Efficient Top-K SimRank-based Similarity Join, by Wenbo Tao, Minghe Yu, Guoliang Li
  21. MOCgraph: Scalable Distributed Graph Processing Using Message Online Computing, by Chang Zhou, jun Gao, Binbin Sun, Jeffrey Xu Yu
  22. The More the Merrier: Efficient Multi-Source Graph Traversal, by Manuel Then, Moritz Kaufmann, Fernando Chirigati, Tuan-Anh Hoang-Vu, Kien Pham, Alfons Kemper, Thomas Neumann, Huy Vo
  23. Efficient Partial-Pairs SimRank Search on Large Networks, by Weiren Yu, Julie McCann
  24. Exploiting Vertex Relationships in Speeding up Subgraph Isomorphism over Large Graphs, by Xuguang Ren, Junhu Wang
  25. Preference-aware Integration of Temporal Data, by Bogdan Alexe, Mary Roth, Wang-Chiew Tan
  26. Optimizing the Chase: Scalable Data Integration under Constraints, by George Konstantinidis, Jose-Luis Ambite
  27. Supervised Meta-blocking, by George Papadakis, George Papastefanatos, Georgia Koutrika
  28. Enriching Data Imputation with Extensive Similarity Neighbors, by Shaoxu Song, Aoqian Zhang, Lei Chen, Jianmin Wang
  29. Answering Why-not Questions on Reverse Top-k Queries, by Yunjun Gao, Qing Liu, Gang Chen, Baihua Zheng, Linlin Zhou
  30. SnapToQuery: Providing Interactive Feedback during Exploratory Query Specification, by Lilong Jiang, Arnab Nandi
  31. Constructing an Interactive Natural Language Interface for Relational Databases, by Fei Li, H. V. Jagadish
  32. A Natural Language Interface for Querying General and Individual Knowledge, by Yael Amsterdamer, Anna Kukliansky, Tova Milo
  33. Possible and Certain SQL Keys, by Henning Kohler, Sebastian Link, Xiaofang Zhou
  34. D2P: Distance-Based Differential Privacy in Recommenders, by Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Rhicheek Patra, Mahsa Taziki
  35. 35. Show Me the Money: Dynamic Recommendations for Revenue Maximization , by Wei Lu, Shanshan Chen, Keqian Li, Laks V. S. Lakshmanan
  36. Finish Them!: Pricing Algorithms for Human Computation, by Yihan Gao, Aditya Parameswaran
  37. TransactiveDB: Tapping into Collective Human Memories, by Michele Catasta, Alberto Tonon, Djellel Eddine Difallah, Gianluca Demartini, Karl Aberer, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
  38. 38. Worker Skill Estimation in Team-Based Tasks , by Habibur Rahman, Saravanan Thirumuruganathan, Senjuti Basu Roy, Sihem Amer-Yahia, Gautam Das
  39. Scalable Subgraph Enumeration in MapReduce, by Longbin Lai, Lu Qin, Xuemin Lin, Lijun Chang
  40. 40. FrogWild! — Fast PageRank Approximations on Graph Engines , by Ioannis Mitliagkas, Michael Borokhovich, Alexandros Dimakis, Constantine Caramanis
  41. Pregel Algorithms for Graph Connectivity Problems with Performance Guarantees, by Da Yan, James Cheng, Kai Xing, Yi Lu, Wilfred Ng, Yingyi Bu
  42. Blogel: A Block-Centric Framework for Distributed Computation on Real-World Graphs, by Da Yan, James Cheng, Yi Lu, Wilfred Ng
  43. LogGP: A Log-based Dynamic Graph Partitioning Method, by Ning Xu, Lei Chen, Bin Cui
  44. Coordination Avoidance in Database Systems, by Peter Bailis, Alan Fekete, Michael Franklin, Ali Ghodsi, Joseph Hellerstein, Ion Stoica
  45. A Scalable Search Engine for Mass Storage Smart Objects, by Nicolas Anciaux, Saliha Lallali, Iulian Sandu Popa, Philippe Pucheral
  46. Schema Management for Document Stores, by Lanjun Wang, Oktie Hassanzadeh, Shuo Zhang, Juwei Shi, Limei Jiao, Jia Zou, Chen Wang
  47. Supporting Scalable Analytics with Latency Constraints, by Boduo Li, Yanlei Diao, Prashant Shenoy
  48. Principles of Dataset Versioning: Exploring the Recreation/Storage Tradeoff, by Souvik Bhattacherjee, Amit Chavan, Silu Huang, Amol Deshpande, Aditya Parameswaran
  49. Inferring Continuous Dynamic Social Influence and Personal Preference for Temporal Behavior Prediction, by Jun Zhang, Chaokun Wang, Jianmin Wang, Jeffrey Xu Yu
  50. Influential Community Search in Large Networks, by Rong-Hua LI, Lu Qin, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Rui Mao
  51. Linearized and Single-Pass Belief Propagation, by Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Stephan Gunnemann, Danai Koutra, Christos Faloutsos
  52. Online Topic-Aware Influence Maximization, by Shuo Chen, Ju Fan, Guoliang Li, Jianhua Feng, Kian-Lee Tan, Jinhui Tang
  53. Walk, Not Wait: Faster Sampling Over Online Social Networks, by Azade Nazi, Zhuojie Zhou, Saravanan Thirumuruganathan, Nan Zhang, Gautam Das
  54. Work-Efficient Parallel Skyline Computation for the GPU, by Kenneth Bogh, Sean Chester, Ira Assent
  55. Memory-Efficient Hash Joins, by R. Barber, G. Lohman, I. Pandis, V. Raman, R. Sidle, G. Attaluri, N. Chainani, S. Lightstone, D. Sharpe
  56. MRCSI: Compressing and Searching String Collections with Multiple References, by Sebastian Wandelt, Ulf Leser
  57. Trill: A High-Performance Incremental Query Processor for Diverse Analytics, by Badrish Chandramouli, Jonathan Goldstein, Mike Barnett, Robert DeLine, John Platt, James Terwilliger, John Wernsing
  58. Rapid Sampling for Visualizations with Ordering Guarantees, by Albert Kim, Eric Blais, Aditya Parameswaran, Piotr Indyk, Sam Madden, Ronitt Rubinfeld
  59. Argonaut: Macrotask Crowdsourcing for Complex Data Processing, by Adam Marcus, Lydia Gu, Daniel Haas, Jason Ansel
  60. FIT to monitor feed quality, by Tamraparni Dasu, Vladislav Shkapenyuk, Divesh Srivastava, Deborah Swayne
  61. ConfSeer: Leveraging Customer Support Knowledge Bases for Automated Misconfiguration Detection, by Rahul Potharaju, Navendu Jain
  62. Gobblin: Unifying Data Ingestion for Hadoop, by Lin Qiao, Kapil Surlaker, Shirshanka Das, Chavdar Botev, Yinan Li, Sahil Takiar, Henry Cai, Narasimha Veeramreddy, Min Tu, Ziyang Liu, Ying Dai
  63. Schema-Agnostic Indexing with Azure DocumentDB, by Dharma Shukla, Shireesh Thota, Karthik Raman, Madhan Gajendran, Ankur Shah, Sergii Ziuzin, Krishnan Sundaram, Anna Wawrzyniak, Samer Boshra, Mohamed Nassar, Michael Koltachev, Sudipta Sengupta, Justin Levandoski, David Lomet
  64. Scaling Spark in the Real World, by Michael Armbrust, Tathagata Das, Aaron Davidson, Ali Ghodsi, Andrew Or, Josh Rosen, Ion Stoica, Patrick Wendell, Reynold Xin, Matei Zaharia
  65. JetScope: Reliable and Interactive Analytics at Cloud Scale, by Eric Boutin, Jaliya Ekanayake, Anna Korsun, Jingren Zhou
  66. Towards Scalable Real-time Analytics: An Architecture for Scale-out of OLxP Workloads, by Jeffrey Pound, Anil Goel, Nathan Auch, Franz Faerber, Francis Gropengiesser, Christian Mathis, Thomas Bodner, Wolfgang Lehner, Scott MacLean, Peter Bumbulis
  67. Real-Time Analytical Processing with SQL Server, by Paul Larson, Adrian Birka, Eric Hanson, Weiyun Huang, Michal Novakiewicz, Vassilis Papadimos
  68. The Dataflow Model: A Practical Approach to Balancing Correctness, Latency, and Cost in Massive-Scale, Unbounded, Out-of-Order Data Processing, by Tyler Akidau, Robert Bradshaw, Craig Chambers, Slava Chernyak, Rafael Fernandez-Moctezuma, Reuven Lax, Sam McVeety, Daniel Mills, Frances Perry, Eric Schmidt, Sam Whittle
  69. Live Programming Support in the LogicBlox System, by Todd Green, Dan Olteanu , Geoffrey Washburn
  70. Indexing and Selecting Hierarchical Business Logic, by Anja Gruenheid, Alessandra Loro, Donald Kossman, Damien Profeta, Philippe Beaudequin
  71. Distributed Architecture of Oracle Database In-memory, by Niloy Mukherjee, Shasank Chavan, Maria Colgan, Dinesh Das, Mike Gleeson, Sanket Hase, Allison Holloway, Hui Jin, Jesse Kamp, Kartk Kulkarni, Tirthankar Lahiri, Juan Loaiza, Vineet Marwah, Andy Witkowski, Jiaqi Yan, Mohamed Zait
  72. Gorilla: Facebook’s Fast, Scalable, In-Memory Time Series Database, by Justin Teller, Scott Franklin, Tuomas Pelkonen, Paul Cavallaro
  73. Query Optimization in Oracle 12c Database In-Memory, by Dinesh Das, Jiaqi Yan, Mohamed Zait, Satya Valluri, Nirav Vyas, Ramarajan Krishnamachari, Prashant Gaharwar, Jesse Kamp, Niloy Mukherjee
  74. Building a Replicated Logging System with Apache Kafka, by Guozhang Wang, Joel Koshy, Sriram Subramanian, Kartik Paramasivam, Mammad Zadeh, Neha Narkhede, Jun Rao, Jay Kreps, Joe Stein
  75. Optimization of Common Table Expressions in MPP Database Systems, by Amr El-Helw, Venkatesh Raghavan, Mohamed Soliman, George Caragea, Zhongxian Gu, Michalis Petropoulos
  76. One Trillion Edges: Graph Processing at Facebook-Scale, by Avery Ching, Dionysios Logothetis, Sergey Edunov, Maja Kabiljo, Sambavi Muthukrishnan
  77. Differential Privacy in Telco Big Data Platform, by Xueyang Hu, Mingxuan Yuan, Jianguo Yao, Yu Deng, Lei Chen, Haibing Guan, Jia Zeng
  78. Efficient Evaluation of Object-Centric Exploration Queries for Visualization, by You Wu, Boulos Harb, Jun Yang, Cong Yu
  79. ACME: A Parallel Cloud-Oriented System for Extracting Frequent Patterns from a Very Long Sequence, by Majed Sahli
  80. Efficient Distributed Subgraph Similarity Matching, by Ye Yuan
  81. Efficient k-Closest Pair Queries in General Metric Spaces, by Yunjun Gao
  82. Task-Assignment Optimization in Knowledge Intensive Crowdsourcing, by Senjuti Basu Roy
  83. Data Profiling ñ A Survey, by Felix Naumann
  84. Data Generation for Testing and Grading SQL Queries, by Bikash Chandra/S Sudarshan