Session Guidelines

Session Plan

Paper Type Talk Session Poster Session
Research Track papers (including rollover papers from VLDB 2014) One of the 33 research sessions. Format: 18 minutes, including 1-min introduction, 15-min presentation, and 2-min Q&A Tuesday (for papers from research sessions 1-12), Thursday (for papers from research sessions 13-33)
Industrial Track papers One of the 7 Industrial sessions. Format: 30 minutes, including 1-min introduction, 25-min presentation, and 4-min Q&A Tuesday
VLDB Journal papers Tuesday

As the above plans are still tentative and may still change slightly, please check the website before the conference for the final program.

You can find the tentative “Program at a Glance” with the sessions at:

In order to determine in which session your paper will be presented, please locate your paper at the tentative session plan:

Presentation Guidelines

SESSION ORGANIZATION: Each session will provide a laptop. You are highly recommended to use this laptop to minimize the time of transition between presentations. You are also recommended to prepare your presentation as PDF slides in order to avoid formatting problems common among different versions of Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.

Please come to the room of your session 15 minutes prior to the begin of the session and check that the slides are working on the laptop and the projector. As we are operating on a tight schedule, we cannot afford delays due to presentation switching and projection problems. Please approach the session chair and the technical person available in the room to support the session early enough, so that your talk will be on the presentation laptop before the session starts.

TIMING. The session chair will strictly keep the time, so be sure to time your presentation accordingly. During the Q&A of the previous speaker, please already come up to the podium and set up the presentation in projection mode to be able to start your presentation without delays.

CONTENT. It will not be possible to cover all the content of your paper in the presentation, so you will have to omit some aspects of the paper. We recommend that in the presentation you motivate the work and present the problem being solved, giving the key idea of the solution and impact/effect with details as permitted by the time limit. Your talk should give enough information for the audience to be curious to read the full paper with the details you omitted, or, if your poster presentation is after your talk, make them interested to come and talk to you at your poster to learn about the details of the work.

Poster Guidelines

LOGISTICS: Please mount your poster on the assigned poster board in the poster session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the poster session. Locate your poster number in the meeting program. Pushpins will be available. Please note that each board will accommodate two (2) posters on either side for a total of four (4) posters per board. Please do not write, draw, or paste on the poster boards, so the posters of a total of four papers will be mounted on one poster board.

FORMAT: The recommended poster dimensions are
4ft tall x 3ft wide = 48 in tall x 36 in wide = 121 cm tall x 91.5 cm wide (Portrait orientation)

The font type should be easily legible and sized to be readable at a distance of several feet or 2 to 3 meters/yards.

CONTENT: The poster should include the paper title, full name of the authors, with presenting author(s) indicated by underlining, affiliation of the authors, and contact information for the presenting author(s). The poster should contain the key points of the paper, including the scientific goal, the problem being solved to reach that goal, the solution approach and methodology, the impact/performance of the work and related work. Figure legends are essential and should be short but informative.

CONTACT: There will be a conference staff on-site before and during the presentation session to coordinate the poster setup. Any questions on logistics prior to the conference should be directed to: Tianli Mo, tianli AT hawaii DOT edu.