Abstract FAQ’s

Late Abstract Submissions?

Yes, we will consider late abstract submissions. Your chances of acceptance will be greater if you request a poster presentation.

[Primary deadline for abstract submission: April 30, 2015]

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Q. When is the Deadline for Abstract Submissions?

A. April 30, 2015  — Yes, we will consider late abstract submissions. Your chances of acceptance will be greater if you request a poster presentation.

Q. When will I know if my paper has been accepted by EMAPi 2015?

A. Beginning in February 2015, the first notices of acceptance will be sent. If you submit your abstract in February or later, you should expect to hear from us about acceptance within 1 month of your submission. Early submissions are encouraged, as slots for presentations may fill.

Q. Can I submit more than one abstract?

A. You may make up to two presentations: 2 posters or 1 poster and 1 oral.  Submission of 2 abstracts does not guarantee acceptance of both abstracts due to possible space limitations or other considerations made by the abstract review committee.

Q. When will I know the date and time of my presentation?

A. The Conference Organizers estimate that the first scheduling notices will be sent by July 2015.

Q. Can I identify my preference for an oral or poster presentation?

A. Yes, during the submission process, you have the opportunity to indicate preference for an oral or a poster presentation. The organizers may request that you change your presentation type due to space limitations or if your topic fits better as a different presentation type.

Q. What is the time allowed for oral presentations?


  • Contributed oral papers are 15-20 minutes.
  • Plenary addresses are 40 minutes.

Q. What audio/visual equipment will be available to the oral presenters?


  • The standard audiovisual equipment provided for plenary sessions will consist of a computer, a computer projector, screen, lighted podium, podium microphone, and a laser pointer.
  • If additional equipment is required, provisions will be made available for you to order the equipment at your expense.
  • A speaker ready room will be available onsite for presenters to review their presentations. A technical specialist will be assigned to review your presentation with you.
  • Each oral presenter will be required to submit their presentation to technical specialist prior to the start of their session.

Q. What are the specifications of the poster boards?

A. Click here for poster board specifications

Q. How do I modify my abstract submission before the deadline?

A. I f you need to modify your abstract, please use the abstract submission form to resubmit the revised version. Be sure to indicate “Revision” in the appropriate check box

Q. How do I withdraw my abstract?

A. Please send an email request to Curt Daehler: daehler(at)hawaii.edu. Be sure to include the title of the presentation that you wish to withdraw.

Q. If my institution requires that I have a Letter of Invitation to present a paper at EMAPi 2015, how do I obtain it?

A. You can request a letter of invitation from Curt Daehler: daehler(at)hawaii.edu. Please indicate the title or topic of your proposed presentation.

Q. Are there arrangements to publish papers from the conference.

A. Yes, we are planning a special journal issue on plant invasions and management in the journal Conservation Physiology.   If you are interested in contributing to this issue, contact Mark van Kleunen ([email protected]). We are also exploring additional publication options, and symposium organizers may have their own arrangements for publication.

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