Field Trips

Mid-Conference Field Trips

We are planning three unique mid-conference field trip options for Tuesday (September 23).  A nominal fee will be charged based on transportation costs.

  1. CLOSED - Trip is maxed out
    Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park:
    Invasive plant strategies and biocontrol facility
  2. CLOSED - Trip is maxed out
    Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge:

    Invasive plant control, native restoration, and native birds
  3. CLOSED - Trip is maxed out
    Hawai‘i Island Invasive Plants: From rainforests to tropical drylands

Pre- and Post- Conference Field Trips

Hawaii Forest & Trail offers a range of field trip and outdoor experiences on the Island of Hawaii, from birding to a high summit tour to zip lining.  We have negotiated a 15% discount for EMAPi attendees.  They will also offer customized field trips for small groups.