Oral Presenter Instructions

Click here to download PDF of these instructions.


Time slots are 20 minutes*. Please speak for only 15 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for discussion. Your session moderator will signal you after 12 minutes to indicate that you have 3 minutes remaining. A second signal will be conveyed after 15 minutes, indicating that your speaking time is finished. We must stick to a strict schedule; extra time cannot be granted for technical problems. Please check your presentation ahead of time.

*plenary addresses are 50 minute slots (around 40 minutes speaking and 10 minutes discussion)


File Format

We will be using Windows 7 computers running Microsoft Office 2010 (Powerpoint) This software is supposed to be backward compatible with earlier versions (e.g. PowerPoint 2007 and all previous versions of PowerPoint), however some issues can arise if your presentation was created on a MacIntosh computer. It is essential that you check your presentation on a PC computer prior to departing for EMAPi. While the file is open on a PC, save a copy using the PC version of Powerpoint, confirm that it works, and bring it as a backup. Create a PDF version of your presentation as a second backup.

Please label your PowerPoint presentation file as: “Lastname_firstname_briefdescription.ppt” Example: “Smith_Tom_fireweed control.ppt”

  • Use of video and/or sound files can be problematic. If your presentation contains such effects, please notify our technical team, and we will attempt to make it work with our system. However, please do not count on having multi-media features during your presentation.
  • Do NOT plan to access webpages during your presentation.
  • Avoid using unusual fonts that are not included as standard with MS Office 2010 [English]. When creating your presentation, we recommend setting the language (software settings) to “English” to avoid possible font projection issues.
  • Do not insert huge photos in your slideshow. This creates huge presentation files that can become unwieldy to transfer and load. Our default projection resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels; if your photos are a lot larger than that, try resizing them before inserting them into your presentation.


Drop off

Your presentation file should be submitted to our technical team on site at least 1 day ahead of your presentation. Submission will be available Sunday afternoon and beginning around 7 AM each morning of the conference (but not on Wednesday due to the field trip). Please bring your file on a USB drive; also bring a backup USB drive in case of any incompatibility. CDs /DVDs are not recommended. You can upload your file to a personal drop box / cloud storage / email system as a back up, but we cannot guarantee that it will be accessible on our computers due to possible lack of internet in the uploading area. It is essential to bring your presentation to our team on a USB drive.


Room Setup

Presentation rooms will have a podium, podium microphone, screen, laser pointer, LCD projector, and a computer loaded with the presentation files, placed in order for that session. You will not be permitted to connect your own device to the LCD projector. An Internet connection will not be provided. Arrive early to confirm that your presentation file is correct. Your session moderator will assist you. We strongly suggest that you meet with your session moderator to become familiar with the presentation instructions and signals, prior to giving your presentation.


Practice Makes Perfect

Most problems with timing over-runs and illegible slides come from not practicing a presentation ahead of time. Please make practice runs of your talk, ideally with an audience of peers, to be sure that your presentation is clear and finishes on time.