The First Ever Hawaiian Botanical Forum

Management and Research Strategies for Landscape Restoration: Let’s Talk Story!

October 9th-10th, 2014

Koʽolau Golf Club on Oʽahu
Contact: [email protected]

Mission: The Hawaiian Botanical Forum aims to bring together the Hawaiian botanical community to share research and practices in science and management efforts to promote collaboration among all parties.


Landscape restoration, this year’s theme, is defined as a planned process to regain ecological integrity, including recovery of rare plants, in deforested or degraded landscapes.

Who Should Attend:

The forum is geared toward managers and practitioners, but all are welcome.


Though most case studies will focus on the main Hawaiian Islands, session topics are applicable to other geographic areas. Session topics were selected based on a survey that was circulated in 2013 and will look at past, present, and future landscape restoration issues – both challenges and successes.

Forum Format:

The first day of the forum will focus on a traditional format with speakers and presentations looking at more of the science and research of landscape restoration.

The second day will focus on management (e.g., tools, methods, etc.) and will be interactive and hands-on where attendees, through working groups, drive what will be discussed related to the previous day’s topics (self-selected through the registration process).

Working Groups:

Depending on what was submitted through the registration process, your working group could be problem solving a real-life restoration project, share a series of quick 5 minute presentations by attendees, continue the Q&A from the previous day, or any other format desired to move restoration forward.

Volunteer Organizing Committee:

    • Marie Bruegmann, USFWS
    • Vickie Caraway, USFWS
    • Charmian Dang, DOFAW
    • Cliff Morden, UH‐Manoa
    • Christine Ogura, USFWS
    • Maggie Sporck, DOFAW
    • Nellie Sugii, Lyon Arboretum