Post Forum Resources

From the presentations and working groups, several resources were discussed and shared.  As part of furthering these conversations, you will find on this page some helpful tools and materials related to these.

The presentations given by speakers on the first day can be found on the program page (click here).  The presentations can be accessed by clicking on the title of each talk.

Note that the presentation given by Jill Wagner is not available and that the presentation by Lauren Weisenberger will only be available for a limited duration.

Rare Taxa Management: Habitat Restoration And Weed Control Issues - Jane Beachy

Native Plant, Soil and Microorganism Interactions - James Harmon

Monitoring Protocols And Hawai‘i Rare Plant Restoration Group Monitoring Forms - Kapua Kawelo

Field Forms Recommended by the Hawai‘i Rare Plant Restoration Group:

Transformative Tools for Conservation Volunteer Programs - Jill Laughlin

Center For Plant Conservation Best Reintroduction Practice Guidelines - Joyce Maschinski

Funding Landscape Restoration - Irene Sprecher

Poster Presentations