How to increase penis size(length/width) naturally in 2019 [GUIDE]

With age, more and more men begin to experience discomfort caused by their sex life becoming monotonous, boring and rather inactive. This is especially true for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The disorder is usually manifested in weak erections, diminished potency, premature ejaculation, small erected penis size and lack of orgasms.

Did you know?
However, advanced age is not the only cause of sexual disorders. Erectile dysfunction can arise as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, substance and alcohol abuse, treatment with certain medical drugs, as well as inflammatory, infectious and other diseases.

How to increase your penis size? Natural solutions

There are many effective ways to help men to quickly get rid of all the above issues. You can use natural techniques and supplements that have the greatest popularity among consumers, according to thousands of reviews posted on forums.

Such remedies are 100% composed of plant components that are incapable of causing adverse side effects. The negligible number of contraindications significantly expands the circle of potential users. Having resorted to effective dietary supplements, millions of men have increase their penis size both in length and width easily.

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Which product really improves penis growth?

Below is a list of the criteria which you should consider while selecting and purchasing a penis enlargement product:

  • Make sure the product’s manufacturer is a reputable company with a solid presence in the international market. The company’s website should feature certificates and a license confirming its official activities;
  • The product’s quality, effectiveness, and safety. The main guarantees of the high quality of biological additives are certificates granted upon completion of laboratory and clinical tests;
  • The doctors’ recommendations are an important criterion testifying the product’s quality and effectiveness. All the reviews by medical specialists should be available on the manufacturer’s official website and thematic forums;
  • Purchase the product only on the manufacturer’s official websites. This way, the customer is guaranteed to obtain the original remedy and protected from fake products.
  • In addition, official websites regularly offer promotions and discounts, which allow buying the product at a reduced price. And the company’s competent sales assistants are always glad to answer any questions of the consumer;
  • Regardless of the manufacturer’s reputation, the buyer should be attentive to the product’s composition. Make sure to always carefully read the list of the components and ascertain their plant origin before ordering the sex enhancement pill and starting a course of treatment in accordance with the instructions;
  • Pay attention to the product’s price. If it seems very low, it may indicate that the tablets are not an original product;
  • The official manufacturer’s detailed contact information should be available on the website. This should include the phone number for contacting the seller directly, as well as the address of the main office.

The Variety Of Penis Enhancement Methods

As of today, there are myriads of products you could use to improve and normalize your sex life and make your penis really bigger and stronger.

Each consumer chooses the remedy which, in his opinion, is going to have the best impact on his intimate issues. The most popular options include gels, creams, tablets, wheys, and sprays.

Quick note
Virtually all external products have an instant effect, delivering the desired result in a matter of hours.

However, the disadvantage of such ways to increase penis size is the short duration of their action. The instantly obtained positive effect does not last. Therefore, when resorting to such products, you should not view it as a long-term solution.

Unlike all external remedies, supplements have an unsurpassed effect, and the achieved results persist for a long time.

The specific duration depends on the treatment period and ranges from 6 to 12 months. This means that once you complete a course of treatment, you will see a bigger penis in length and width.

Is it worth to increase the size of your penis naturally?

ExtenzEVigRX PlusProSolution PlusMale Extra
The medicine like ExtenZe is an affordable product aimed at boosting the man’s sexual stamina and penis length, enhancing potency, and ensuring stronger, longer-lasting erections. The user experiences bright, emotional and enchanting orgasms. The product’s active substances incite the production of testosterone, which has a favorable effect on the sexual functioning of the male body.
The VigRx Plus tablets help to increase the penis length and girth were developed specifically for men who want to improve the quality of their intimate life. The product fills the user’s body with vitality and sexual energy, which increases intimate endurance. Over time, the size of man’s penis improves and his libido receives a great boost. A course of treatment with VigRx Plus does not exceed two months.
The ProSolution Plus enhancement product is an effective and safe remedy for penis growth(length/width). The tablets prevent premature ejaculation and enhance semen production. To ensure the best results, the course of treatment with Prosolution Plus should last 4-6 months.
The Male Extra supplement was developed to ensure the growth of corpa carvenosa. It makes your erected penis bigger and stronger. The safe effect of the active ingredients boosts the sensitivity of the penis, which makes orgasms bright and unforgettable. The product can prolong the average duration of sexual intercourse threefold and increase your erection.

How herbal ingredients help to increase the size of your dick?

The active formula of natural remedies is developed taking into account the physiological peculiarities of the male body. Therefore, it has a negligible number of contraindications and adverse side effects. Qualified medical specialists are engaged in developing the natural formula.

Below are listed the main active ingredients included in the popular products the affect the length and girth of your penis:

  • Tribulus Terrestris is an effective sexual stimulant that enhances the man’s libido, sexual stamina and penis size. It prolongs the duration of intercourse and makes the sensations during orgasm more vivid;
  • Asparagus contains active substances that have the same effect on the male body as the testosterone hormone;
  • Mucuna Pruriens boosts the sensitivity of the penis, which allows the man to experience more vivid and intense orgasms;
  • Cordyceps is a natural aphrodisiac. It stirs up sexual desire and boosts arousal. It contains substances that have a positive effect on sexual activity, enhancing libido and sexual vigor, improves the size of your penis;
  • Zinc is a compound that is integral to testosterone production. It provides a libido boost, enhances potency and stirs up the production of semen;
  • The L-Arginine amino acid provides for strong and lasting erections. This substance is crucial for the production of testosterone.

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Is it worth to try natural supplements for penis size?

The manufacturers assure that the likelihood of adverse side effects is close to zero, provided that you use the penis enlargement tablets properly. In case of an overdose, the man may experience dizziness, migraines, nausea, or vomiting. Before you start taking the pills, pay close attention to the instructions. Here is the list of medicines that can cause side effects: Staminol, Vmax, Paravex, Rhino, Zyflex, Cianix, Pxl, Primax, Vxl, epic, king size, otc,

Boosting The Size of your Penis with Penis Pumps

If you want to see how to increase the length and width of your penis as quickly as possible and preserve the result for a long time, consider additionally using special water pumps, such as Bathmate and Penomet.  These safe and effective devices will help you to get rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. In addition, regular use of hydro-pumps incites the growth of the penis .

How to use water-based pumps
Use hydro-pump twice a day, in the morning and evening. One session should last 15 minutes. Before you start the pumping, let your penis stay in the warm water for about 5 minutes. Fill the working chamber with water and insert the penis into the opening, making sure the gaiter is tightly pressed against your pubic bone. Perform the pumping for 2-3.5 minutes. Some of the liquid will run out of the chamber, which will create pressure inside it, stimulating blood flow to the penis. Then take a short break: remove the penis from the chamber for 30-60 seconds.

How To Use Pills for Penis Growth

The method of treatment with biological remedies for erectile dysfunction is quite simple and depends on the type of supplement. With most products, you should take one tablet once a day for 4-6 months. However, some remedies are intended for split use: one tablet in the morning and another one in the evening.

Ultimately, the user receives the following results from taking a male enhancement nutritional supplement:

  • Enhanced potency;
  • Stronger and longer-lasting erections; firmness and elasticity of the penis;
  • The male body is filled with vigor and sexual energy;
  • The man becomes confident in his sexual abilities;
  • Premature ejaculation becomes a thing of the past; the intercourse lasts longer;
  • The production of the seminal fluid is stirred up; there’s a severalfold increase in the number of active spermatozoa, which indicates the reproductive function of the male body has been normalized;
  • The quality of orgasms reaches a new height;
  • Many men note that the regular intake of a nutritional supplement resulted in a 15-20% increase in the size of the genital organ.

Penis size and your sexual life

After taking the pills, absolutely all users began to feel stronger and healthier and rediscovered their capability of the most incredible sex acts. Once the course of treatment is completed, the man has completely gotten rid of his past insecurities. We’ve seen hundreds of Yahoo Answers posts on how to improve your penis size(length/width) to make your penis bigger in a natural way.

Many single men who took top erection improvement products note that very soon they were able to find a woman willing to engage in a variety of intimate experiments.

Clinical facts
In addition to normalizing the sexual functioning of the body, the erection pills affect the nervous system, boosting stress resistance and preventing depressions and nervous breakdowns.

After a course of penis size treatment, men feel better about themselves not only in the intimate sense but also in their daily life. The active components of such remedies have the power to prevent serious male diseases.

If you’re starting to notice that the quality of your sexual relations is not the same as it was a few years ago, you should seriously consider taking pills aimed at eliminating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Natural penis growth pills have zero negative side effects and only a small number of contraindications.

When choosing and purchasing a product to increase penis size pay due attention to the product’s quality. An important criterion is the availability of quality certificates and licenses that confirm the effectiveness and safety of the remedy.

Buy supplements to improve your penis length and width only on the manufacturer’s official site. This way, you’re protecting yourself from fake products, which are increasingly common on popular ads websites. The products can be delivered to any region of the country via the customer’s preferred courier or shipping service.

How to increase penis size(length/width) naturally in 2019 [GUIDE]
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