Penis Enlargement Patch Medical Truth. Clinical Review 2019

Penis Enlargement Stimulation with PROenhance Patch

The penis is one of the few parts of the body of which almost every man is proud; however, there are times when the size of the genitals does not satisfy their partner.

This can cause a chronic lack of orgasm and a decrease in the sexual capabilities of the male body.

Today, there are a vast number of reasonably priced methods for increasing the size of the penis without harming sexual health or the body as a whole.

New Penis Enlargement Patch Technology That Works


Among all the pills, creams, and extenders, modern men prefer to choose a convenient and compact PROenhance patch, which must be worn 24 hours a day.

The current formula of the patch is a set of herbal ingredients, thoroughly drenched in tissue framework.

Ease of use, practicality, and availability are the main criteria that stimulate consumers to purchase universal patches to increase their penis size.

How the PROenhance Patch Works?

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The universal and straightforward effect of PROenhance penis patch is uniqueTo obtain a positive impact, the user must remove the protective tape from the adhesive base of the patch and tightly fix the product on the right side below the navel by about 5 to 7 cm.

The active ingredients in the fabric penetrate the skin structure, stimulating blood circulation in the pelvic organs. In turn, the cavernous tissues of the penis are stretched, which leads to an increase in the length and girth parameters.

In addition to the base components, menthol is also in the composition of the current formula. The pharmaceutical effect of menthol is aimed at enhancing the penetration of active ingredients into the skin structure.

An additional factor that increases the effectiveness of the elements is an adhesive base. The sticky layer is the same as the fabric thoroughly drenched with a liquid for stimulating penis enlargement.

It is worth mentioning that the PROenhance patch is made of a unique waterproof material that does not get wet even with prolonged contact with water.

A man can bathe, take a shower, play sports, sleep, and go to work, and in all the cases above, the adhesive patch will be fixed to the body.

The user should not wear one patch for longer than 3 days, as all the active components of PROenhance patch get absorbed into the skin and positively impact the existing problem. Afterward, replace the old adhesive patch with a new one.

Men’s Opinion Regarding the Penis Enlargement Effect of the PROenhance Patch

Clinical facts
Many men who have experienced the positive effect of the PROenhance patch note that the size of their penis increased by about 15 to 25%.

Most users also note that with the use of the patches, the quality of their sexual relationships reached a new and higher level; moreover, many women leave positive comments on the forums about the effectiveness of the patches, which they experienced along with their soulmates.

PROenhance Penis Patch Herbal Ingredients


The composition of active ingredients includes not only enlargement stimulants but also a complex of plant aphrodisiacs, whose action is directed at increasing sex drive. It also enhances libido and potency, and this, in turn, is an effective means of preventing impotence.

Convenience is the next criterion that the users of PROenhance penis patch singled out. The consumer does not need to undergo a lengthy course of treatment, which can involve regular intake of pills and application of creams to the surface of the penis.

Did you know?
In the case of PROenhance, it’s enough to stick on a patch and forget about its existence for 3 days.

While using the universal patch, the man will not experience any side reactions, excluding any painful sensations.

Duration of Receiving Positive Results

Potential users of the expansion system of PROenhance patches are interested in how quickly they will see a positive result.

The official website of the manufacturer suggested the following scheme, according to which you can calculate the approximate period of the drug and the results that can be achieved within the allotted time interval:

  • During the first month, a man will see positive results, which relate to an erection. The size of the genitals increases by 2 to 4%.
  • During the second month, a man experiences a rush of sexual strength and power.
  • Libido enhances after the third month of using PROenhance patch, and intimate life becomes diverse and saturated with new feelings and emotions.
  • At the end of the four-month course, the size of the penis becomes larger by 15%.

The intensity of orgasm increases hundreds of times, and the length and girth of the penis become noticeably larger.

Quick note
As a rule, a period of 4 to 6 months is enough to get a full result.

There Are No Alternatives in Today’s Market

While searching for high-quality and affordable products, many consumers tried to find an alternative to PROenhance penis patches.

However, in the modern market, the PROenhance patch is an innovative tool without any competitors. Also, the price is quite loyal; therefore, almost anyone can afford to buy PROenhance patches.

Side Effects of PROenhance

Many men are frightened by the unknown. That is, consumers are afraid to buy a new product that has contraindications and a likelihood of side reactions.

We are excited to announce that  PROenhance patch has no contraindications . The use of the patch does not cause adverse reactions, as is often the case with the use of pills.

The safety and efficiency of the patches is evidenced by numerous quality certificates obtained during regular clinical and laboratory studies. You can find all the necessary documentation on the official website of the manufacturer.

The Boost in Erection and Potency

has multifunctional properties that are aimed at normalizing all aspects of sexual life. Simultaneously with the increase in the parameters of the genitals, there is a boost in potency and significant enhancement of erection.

Are you tired of ineffective drugs? Then it’s time to start treatment with a high-quality, innovative product that is aimed at normalizing all sexual processes in the male body.

The practical and convenient PROenhance patch contributes to desired results in a relatively short period of time without the use of food supplements or hormone creams.

Use a penis enhancement patch on a sticky base. Fix the patch on the surface of the skin for 3 whole days. After the 6-month course of treatment, the penis size will increase by 25%, and the quality of sex will become much better.

Penis Enlargement Patch Medical Truth. Clinical Review 2019
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