Phallosan Forte Review, Medical Facts and Actual Results [2019]

Review by: Daniel J.Morno, MD, FACS

Problems in bed can arise for a variety of reasons. Men are usually the initiators of sexual issues in bed. Psycho-emotional issues, erectile dysfunction, and small penis size are all leading causes of sexual imbalance.

Phallosan Quick Facts:

First/max results: 20 days /180 days
Benefits: fast penis growth, maximum comfort, medical approval, 24/7 support, patented device, official clinical studies, no side effects
Penis growth: 1.1-3.5 inches in length/0.5-2.5 inches in width
2 years
Money back: 14 days
Years on the market: 10+
Customers: 600 000+
Price: $339.00. Click here to buy
Manufacturer: Swiss Sana Anstalt (Liechtenstein)
Treatment at Peyronie’s Disease

International Shipping: Yes($25)
Official site:

Why Choose Phallosan Forte?

Many men prefer to keep silent about the small size of their penis; however, this does not save them from experiencing complexes. Today, there are a massive number of ways to stimulate penis growth. The most innovative device is a vacuum penis enlarger called Phallosan Forte.

Quick note
Phallosan Forte is a clinically tested product that is safe in its impact on the male body. You will be able to enlarge your penis by 2 inches in length and 1 inch in width. Click here to buy it.

During the development of the device, the manufacturers succeeded in creating a product that could meet all international and safety standards.

Read hundreds of forum posts from Phallosan‘s customers who share their penis enlargement routine and results. There is no other penis extender more popular and safe for users.

The effectiveness and safety of the Phallosan Forte are evidenced not only by consumer reviews, but also by the competent opinion of experts, and even by quality certificates.

Thanks to the particular indicator and the pumping element of the extender, the user can independently adjust the traction force. (Traction determines the intensity and duration of the impact on the current problem.)

Why Use Phallosan Forte?

Let’s highlight the key points in favor of the vacuum extender Phallosan Forte:

  • Innovative technology characterized by a high degree of safety and efficiency.
  • An integrated approach to solving sexual problems. In addition to stimulating the enlargement of the penis, the user’s overall sexual capacities will improve: the erection becomes dominant, the duration of sex increases, and potency and libido become enhanced. As a result, man can experience a tremendous orgasm. The device can also eliminate penile curvature.
  • Affordable price ($339.00), which is loyal to all consumers regardless of the region of residence. (Click here to buy)

Find out more reasons to buy Phallosan Forte by visiting its official site.

Phallosan Forte Real Results

Many men are not entirely sure about the high quality and efficiency of modern extenders, and the vacuum extender Phallosan Forte is no exception.

First of all, I want to note that the stimulation of penis enlargement occurs naturally.

Quick note
The working principle of the device is based on traction force, which helps to stretch the cavernous tissues of the penis.

Additionally, pressure increases the blood flow in the pelvic organs and directly in the penis. This has a positive effect on the stretching of cellular tissues.

Consequently, the main factors that increase the size of the penis are stretching and increased blood circulation.


The peculiarity of Phallosan Forte technology lies in the fact that the stretching process occurs not only from the traction force but also from the vacuum.
Unique feature

The vacuum extender combines two popular devices: the vacuum pump and the extender.

Due to the combined technologies, it is possible to achieve the desired result twice as fast.

Phallosan Forte vs. Similar Products

Popular extenders Jes Extender, MaleEdge, and SizeGenetics are high-tech devices that, unlike Phallosan Forte, affect the problem solely by traction force. Another distinguishing feature of Phallosan Forte is its ease of use. The compact device is simple to use and does not interfere with daily life.

Jes Extender, MaleEdge and SizeGenetics all have pretty big overall dimensions, making them nearly impossible to hide under clothes.

Phallosan Forte Package


Let’s consider the main parts of the vacuum extender Phallosan Forte ($339.00):

  • The elastic strap, with which you can securely fix the extender. The belt is secured around the hips and buttocks
  • Suction bell with a condom S, L and M, as well as an individual clip
  • Four-sleeved condoms
  • Two caps
  • Clamp, which provides tension
  • A suction ball with a special valve
  • Detailed instructions
  • A case to store the extender
  • A measuring template, which will help determine the current measurements of the penis in order to choose the correct condom size

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The Scheme of Using the Phallosan Forte
Before using the extender, the user must measure the size of his penis and select the appropriate condom and cap. The user must put a condom on the penis and then fix the cap on the end. The cap should be seated firmly and attached securely to the glans penis.

Next, attach the suction bell, through which the ring of the locking belt is passed. In turn, the belt is thrown over the hips and runs along their circumference.

In this case, the user should feel moderate tension. If they feel no tension or there are unpleasant, painful sensations, they should remove the device and repeat all of the above actions.

Phallosan Forte Improves Penis Size


The ultimate outcome of using the Phallosan Forte device directly depends on the following criteria:

  • The physiological characteristics of the body
  • The duration of daily wear and the duration of the full course of treatment
Brief statistics:
The first noticeable results occur after 20 days. During this period, the length of the penis increases by 1 inch, and the volume becomes larger by 0.3 to 0.7 inches.

If you prolong the course of treatment for another six months, the results will exceed all your expectations.

The 6-month Phallosan Forte course provides an increase in the length of the penis by 3 inches while the diameter of the cock increases by 0.5 to 1.5 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

  • If I have an erection while wearing the Phallosan Forte extender, will I experience painful sensations?

At the time of erection, a man will feel the tension. This physiological process cannot cause any pain or discomfort.

  • Do I need to remove the device to relieve myself in the WC?

Of course, for sanitary reasons, the manufacturer strongly recommends removing the extender before urinating.

  • Can I wash the strap?

Of course, but the water temperature should not exceed 30°С.


  • Is there formal proof of the effectiveness and safety of the Phallosan Forte extender?

The Phallosan Forte vacuum device is a laboratory and clinically tested device that has many quality certificates. The accompanying documentation can be found on the manufacturer’s official website.

  • Can I wear Phallosan Forte at night?

Unlike most popular expanders, the Phallosan Forte vacuum tool can be used at night.

  • Can I wear Phallosan Forte under trousers or jeans?

The traction device is the most compact model, which is entirely invisible under clothes.

  • How long will my results?

The duration of preservation of the result depends on the length of the course, as well as on the physiological characteristics of the body. As a rule, a man can enjoy the result for 6 - 12 months.

Phallosan Forte Side Effects

When the Phallosan Forte is used correctly, side effects are absent.

It is not recommended to use the device if the user has an infectious disease or any open wounds on the surface of the penis.

It is strictly forbidden to use the tool in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication. It is not recommended to use the extender after taking sleeping pills or pain medications.

 Phallosan Forte is a safe and efficient vacuum extender that is a current favorite among modern consumers. .


James Carlton

James Carlton, MD, is board certified in urology. He received his medical degree from the University of California.